Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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1. Crying Foul in Manchester...article from the New York Times
From: Dee <cinderella22382@yahoo.com>
From: simer narulla <re_mis@yahoo.com.sg>
3. lets talk football
From: <saikatbose06@imi.edu>


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 18:18:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dee <cinderella22382@yahoo.com>
Subject: Crying Foul in Manchester...article from the New York Times

Op-Ed Contributor
Crying Foul in Manchester

Published: May 16, 2005

Bath, England

IF not quite matching the millions who turned out here to oppose the invasion of Iraq, the huge crowds in Manchester last week were impressive enough. They were protesting another invasion, by Malcolm Glazer, a real estate and investment magnate, who had finally achieved his ambition of acquiring the Manchester United soccer club for a cool $1.5 billion or thereabouts.
Forum: Op-Ed Contributors

Outside Old Trafford, the team's stadium, fans carried banners reading "Not for $ale." One man pointed to the statue of Sir Matt Busby, the most famous manager of this most famous soccer club, who "will be turning in his grave tonight." Glazer must have been aware that his attentions were unwelcome, but he may not quite realize the importance of this team, a national institution as well as a flag-bearer for its city.

Although Manchester has never been on the tourist trail, it has a notable history. It was here, after all, that the first capitalist industrial revolution erupted, with Engels on hand to show it to his friend Marx. Under its self-confident burghers, the city gave its name to a species of political economy that conquered the world: the competitive free-market principles of the Manchester school.

A scarcely less important English contribution to humanity is team sports - above all, soccer. And here Manchester United occupies an honored spot. The club began life as a "works team" - with factory hands playing in their spare time - and then turned professional and went on to conquer every height. What's more, its story has been more than usually freighted with sentiment.

For an Englishman my age, the date Feb. 6, 1958, is still a knife in the heart. On that day, Busby's fine young team, which had been playing brilliantly at home and in the new European Cup competition, was flying home from a game against Red Star Belgrade. After stopping to refuel in Munich, the plane carrying "Busby's babes," as the newspapers called them, tried to take off in a snowstorm, and crashed. Eight players were killed. Even now the names Roger Byrne, Duncan Edwards and Liam Whelan can bring a tear to aging cheeks.

Ten years later, in 1968, the emotional charge was almost overwhelming when the Manchester United team Busby had rebuilt became the first English club to win the European Cup. A superb team it was, with Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and, almost supreme among them, George Best, as dazzling as he was self-destructive.

If Glazer is sitting in Florida, wondering about the ferocious hostility in Manchester, he would do well to review this history. As George Orwell once observed, far from stimulating the brotherhood of man, "sport is an unfailing cause of ill will."

There was surely a tradition of jingoist xenophobia in English soccer, memorably expressed by Vincent Mulchrone, a columnist for The Daily Mail, on the morning England was to play West Germany in the 1966 World Cup. "West Germany may beat us at our national sport today, but that would be only fair," he wrote. "We beat them twice at theirs."

Now the game here cannot really be called nativist anymore, when such a high proportion of players and managers are foreign. Several years ago Chelsea made a small piece of history as the first club in the English league to start a game without a single English player on the field.

And Chelsea now has a Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, who arrived with an immense fortune acquired in the oil business, ready to buy the club and to buy success, as he has duly done: Chelsea has just won its first league title in 50 years.

Then again, Abramovich does love the game and is seen cheering at every match. To anyone's knowledge, Glazer has never set foot at Old Trafford (now is most definitely not the moment for him to try), and there is little to suggest that he knows much about soccer.

He may have picked up the struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whoever they may be, and taken them to the Super Bowl, but Manchester United is already a hugely successful and profitable club, largely from merchandizing and from its popularity in Asia. The club has one fanzine that sells 35,000 copies a month in Thailand; games from Old Trafford are watched live in China by more people than inhabit the British Isles; and Real Madrid bought David Beckham from Manchester United as much for his image rights in Japan as for his knack of bending the ball.

To add insult to injury, up to $500 million of the money Glazer is using for the purchase is borrowed against the assets of the debt-free club itself, giving fresh meaning to leverage.

True to his own Manchester-school or laissez-faire principles, Prime Minister Tony Blair has kept out of the way: who owns a soccer club is for the market to decide, the government says. But Glazer has not reckoned with the emotions this particular transaction has aroused, and threatened boycotts by fans could still have a sobering effect.

Then again, British capital has made deep inroads in American business recently. Maybe it's time some of our chaps bought into the Dallas Cowboys.

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Message: 2
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 20:27:51 +0800 (CST)
From: simer narulla <re_mis@yahoo.com.sg>

some ppl are just too fucking childish.i wish i could slap the fella who wrote this, cut the crap, fuckface.

mec_red_army <mec_red_army@yahoo.com> wrote:

Today we the RED ARMY are supporters without a club and are called to
defend our beloved history of Manchester United from Glazer and his
associates. Our grief has turned to anger, and our anger has to be
released. Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice
to our enemies, justice will be done.

On May 12, 2005, enemies of Red Army committed an act of war against
us. The Glazer Family have known wars of soughts -- but for the past
2 years, they have been wars of words and peaceful protests, except
for the one that has now begun. The Glazer family have known the
casualties of war, (Tampa Bay Season Ticket Holders). Here in United
Kingdom we will not allow the hated Leprechaun to have a peaceful
day, while him, his family and associates conduct their greedy
business in our home of Old Trafford, a great stadium that has been
erected to house our following and built with our money and support.
In the world of business never before have thousands of civilians
conducted revenge on a single business and lost. All of this was
brought upon us in a single day, and night fell on a different world,
a world where our club itself is no longer our own club, Manchester
United is temporary no longer. Until the day we have our Club
returned to us it shall be known as Glazer United
Malcolm Glazer is to United fans what Adolph Hitler was to Europe.
The darkest of shadows now cast over Old Trafford, the once richest
club in the world, a club of winning championships and seeking
success now banished to HELL with Satan at the helm. His goal is to
reap as much income as possible, regardless of where and how it is
Today the RED ARMY make the following requirements of the Glazer
family: Deliver our club back to us, reinstate all that was before.
Release all your shares back to the market. Protect yourself and
your family as well as your associates and workers. Close
immediately all ties with Manchester United and permanently stay away
from Manchester United and all of its business. If you are willing
to abide with our terms, then every employee at Old Trafford and the
Carrington training camp will remain unharmed. In the meantime until
our requirements are met, it has been considered that all your
employees and their families are now our enemies. Any person, group,
trust, organisation, business, sponsor or affiliate who in their
support or structure, have to appropriate any business with you on
the day to day running of Glazer United are now deemed enemies of the
These requirements are not open to negotiation or discussion. The
Glazer family must act, and act immediately. They will hand back our
Manchester United, or they will share in their fate.

We also want to speak today directly to all Manchester United
Supporters throughout the world. We welcome and respect your support
from all the millions of RED ARMY followers, and by thousands more in
countries that have supported Manchester United via television that
we count as friends. We already have the support of our following
from Norway, Arabia, South Africa to China, and Australia to
Argentina. Our support has been good and peaceful, and for those who
commit to our cause, to execute the removal of the evil Glazer family
from Manchester are welcome to unleash their frustations and vent
their anger for the Cause. The Irish duo of Magnus and Mangier are
traitors to our faith, once trying to hijack United themselves, then
to commit deceit, so treacherous an act that they have committed and
is therefore deemed punishable. As for all others who sold out to
Glazer you have made yourself a target for punishment. All of your
daily interests and social activities are now under scrutiny and are
marked to be attacked as you are now our enemy. We shall leave no
stone unturned until these traitors are left to burn in Hell.

The RED ARMY would like to make it clear; it is NOT our many American
friends, which have become our enemy. For we have widespread support
throughout America in our war on Glazer. Our enemy is the radical
network of Glazer and his associates, and every organisation that has
assisted him in acquiring our club.
Our war on Glazer begins today, but it does not end overnight. It
will not end until every piece of acquisition of Manchester United is
handed back to the RED ARMY and Glazer defeated.

People are asking, why do we hate him? We hate what we see right
here as a capitalist venture for an individual that will ruin the
English game of football not only for Manchester United but for
smaller clubs in the lower leagues. Their leaders are self-appointed
and not democratically elected, not allowing any input or a voice
from the supporters The Glazer family hate the freedom of speech,
you only have to ask the Season Ticket Holders of Tampa Bay
Buccaneers. Malcolm Glazer took them to court and sued them. Can
you imagine a European football club taking its own fan base to
court? Our religion of United, our freedom of speech, our right to
assemble and disagree with the board of directors is banished forever
until we rid Manchester United of the Glazer family.

People are asking: How will we fight and win this war? We will
direct every resource at our command, every means of diplomacy, and
every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law, every financial
influence, and every necessary weapon of war, to the disruption and
to the defeat of the Glazer network.
This war will not be like the war of words and protest that have
taken place in the past. We also believe it will not be a swift
conclusion. In Manchester, the uprising has begun. This will move
to Cardiff and other major cities in England; we will take this war
to the capital cities of Europe. Glazer is counting on a major
financial income from European sources which will be one of our main
objectives. We are willing to allow Glazer United to be removed from
Champions League football. Once this objective is successful,
sponsorships will begin to dry and wither. All current sponsors,
NIKE, Vodafone, Budweiser, Ladbrokes, Endsleigh Insurance, Dimension
Data, PEPSI, Wilkinson Sword, AUDI, Fuji Film, and Century Radio are
now legitimate targets of the RED ARMY. Let this be a warning to any
other potential sponsor for Glazer United. Any person promoting or
profiting from Glazer United will also be deemed the enemy and leave
themselves open to attack. There will also include impromptu raids
on people entering Old Trafford to support Glazer United. These
raids though will only serve as a re education so that these people
are aware of the RED ARMY cause. Other legitimate targets include
all staff and employees and their families of Old Trafford, suppliers
and their employees and families. This will also include any media
entering Old Trafford.


Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated
strikes. Glazer United should not expect one battle, but a lengthy
campaign, unlike any other that has been known in the world of
sport. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert
operations, secret even in success. We will starve Glazer of
funding, turn them one against another, drive them from Old Trafford
back to Florida, until there is no refuge. In addition, we will
pursue associates of Glazer and those that sold us down the river
that provided a path for Glazer to enter Manchester. Every
supporter, in every region, in every nation around the World now has
a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the
Glazer. From this day forward, any person or business that
continues to support Glazer United will be regarded by the RED ARMY
as a hostile.

Our followers have been put on notice: That we are not immune from
attack. We will take defensive measures against Glazer to protect
our following. Today, 374 members of the MEC-RED ARMY have agreed in
principal to the agreement to take up their stance and begin the
war. These efforts are being coordinated at the highest level. As
well as individual level as to confuse the authorities as much as
These measures are essential. But the only way to defeat Glazer as a
threat to our history and future of Manchester United is to stop him,
eliminate him, and destroy him while he has a grip on Manchester

What is at stake is not just Manchester United's future. The whole
future of the English football is at risk. This is civilization's
fight against a greedy man, he is not entering Manchester as a hero
saving a club from extinction; he cannot do what Manchester United
was not doing already. He can only be here for one reason and that
is to destroy the good name of English football. Does this man think
that this is the best way to import soccer into America? He is so
wrong; the American culture does not accept our game of football on a
scale in comparison to their own sports of baseball and such likes.

We ask every football fan to join us. We will ask, and we will need,
the help of the real united fans from across the world. The RED ARMY
is grateful that many of you here in the UK and many internationally
organised have already responded, with sympathy and with support.
With the conductance to not purchasing the merchandise associated
with Glazer United or other products of these companies, Glazer shall
feel the financial pressure, and we estimate that the indicators will
show this by January 2006.

Supporters are asking: What is expected of us? We only ask that you
live your lives, and be ready to fight. We know many supporters have
fears today, and we ask you to be calm and resolute, even in the face
of a continuing menace of Malcolm Glazer. We ask you to uphold the
values of the true and historical United fan, and remember why so
many have been to Old Trafford in our glorious history. We are in a
fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by
them. Only our enemies should be singled out for unfair treatment or
unkind words because of their unethical business dealing with the
Glazer family and the background to this takeover. Companies and
employees such as J P Morgan, N M Rothschild, to name a few are
all legitimate targets. We will not forget this wound to our club
or those who inflicted it. We will not yield; we will not rest; we
will not relent in waging this struggle for freedom and security for
the RED ARMY to return home to a Glazer free Old Trafford.

It is our hope that in the months, years ahead, that life will return
to normal. When our own VE Day arrives we will go back to our home
of Old Trafford and our Saturday routines, and that is good. Even
grief recedes with time and grace. But our resolve must not pass.
Each of us will remember what happened that day the 12th May, and to
whom it happened. We'll remember the moment the news came, where we
were and what we were doing. Some will remember an image of fire, or
of news that felt like death. Some will carry memories of a game and
a roaring voice gone forever.

Today we thank our fellow RED ARMY followers for what you have
already done and for what you will do. To the ladies and gentlemen
of the formerly Manchester United, we thank you, for your
representations and information that has put us in good stead for our
War with Glazer United
The course of this conflict is not known, yet its outcome is
certain. For freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been
at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them.

And, finally, please continue praying that one day soon Glazer and
his family will leave Manchester and our great country. Prayer has
comforted us in sorrow, and will help strengthen us for the journey

Remember this; the Flower of Manchester belongs in our hearts not in
the bank account of Malcolm Glazer.

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Message: 3
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 18:16:32 +0530 (IST)
From: <saikatbose06@imi.edu>
Subject: lets talk football

well lets try to change the topic and try to talk about football...

giggs and howard have been agreed to a 2 yr extension to their contract
glazer has shown interest in becham ..Sir Alex said he has no problems
with beckham returning...but real madrid are presently not interested

there are rumours that figo wants to join manchester united...i doubt how
good a buy will he be..also Sir Alex prefers younger players...so figo is
not a good option

henry out of FA finals...well now the arsenal fans will keep shouting we
lost coz henry was not there...poor shitty craps..they dont realise they
can only dream about beating us...

curtz...born devil 'o'


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